This oasis can be found, far south-west in the Tahari deserts. A wonder of ingenuity! Desert hydraulics accessing deep springs, feed a mineral rich lake...a unique and unnatural resource in this harsh place. At the center of this deep, azure lake, crossed only by boat, is an island oasis. So verdant is this garden city of fountains, gardens, groves and orchards it emerges from the desert in riotous, prolific bloom.

It was a masterpiece of Priest Kings ingenuity. Those founding Fathers who chose to populate this desert jewel with people, chosen from Earth.

In time, immigrants from all over Gor came to enjoy this paradise. This little bit of heaven. Each bringing a flourish of their own cultural style with them and these flourishes can still be seen today in the city's murals and frescoes.

Zerzurian's trade grew rapidly. Built around their water, a rare commodity in the region and also their abundance of incense resins and rose oils. They so monopolized this trade, they became known as the Emperor's of Aromatics and monopolized the entire trade in these products. Vast fortunes were made in this land.

Those lucky and tenacious explorers who find the Oasis of Zerzura, will find a wealthy metropolis and nexus for trans-Tahari trade. A center of culture and religion. 

But for those who look more closely, will see a darker side to this exotic City. The Cities wealth has given rise to decadent behaviour for the rich, who flout laws and indulge in scandalous behaviour. Assassinations are common place by impatient families wishing to inherit  and those less fortunate work the cities brothels and taverns. 

Black caste have chosen Zerzura as their home in the Tahari as have some Kurii escaping the agents of the Sadar.

Our Bathhouse and Cafe are a part of this evocative oasis. 

​Do you dare to visit us and make your dreams come true?


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