Zerzura has several main products for trade. We're blessed with abundant fresh water supplies. A resource that is scarce in the Tahari Desert.  This resource is traded as a product and also allows us to grow produce too. Below is a list of our trade items to help in your RP.

Water - high quality mineral rich, drinking water. Sold in Talu (2 gallon amphora)

Rose oil - made from our own grown specialist rose petals and oil base. High quality and heavily scented. (sold by the single gill - small glass bottles)

Incense resin - sold in blocks and made from tree barks of our exotic trees. Again with the unique heavy scent associated with Zerzura. A scent similar to Earth's oud. Sold by one Huda measure block.

Salt - Zerzura has it's own salt mines acquired by the Tatrix. The mine is outside Zerzura. Land gifted to her.  The rock slat is mined and sold in blocks of minna (one pound) or stone (4 pounds).

Yes do sell other items, barter and trade. All are welcome.

How much you pay will vary on who sells to you and your barter skills! 

Zerzura uses the standard gorean currency system and follows merchant law.


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