These slaves work in the cities brothel Veiled Pleasures under the management of the Brothel Master and proprietor Raythorn.

Not all who work in the brothel are slave. Some are poor free citizens, who make their living entertaining the brothel patrons and yet others, rumour has it,  are high born free misbehaving! 

For more information contact Raythorn Igaly or Cali Roffo in-world.



Breeding slaves maintain the slave stock with genetically strong offspring.  Slaves are bred with a designated free man or a breeding slave and their pregnancy is monitored by the assigned physician, Yasmin Karas.

Breeding slaves also breast feed their babies and also provide wet nursing to any high born family needing their service.

Note: to participate you must have a Mama Allpa HUD and lactating nipples. Information is given in-world.

For more information contact Marinella Alex by NC,



The elite slaves of the City. Best trained, most beautiful these are the slaves of the Tatrix and first family.

To join Harem you must be the best!

For more information contact Cali Roffo.



Are slaves who serve around the City. They're owned by the City and therefore its Leader.  They're trained and managed by the City Slaver and First Slave. Duties may include serving around the city in the bathhouse, Inn, Tavern and so on. Assisting where assigned or needed. Such service means a slave never says no to any request by a citizen.

For more information contact Cali Roffo or Bobby Molinaro in-world.


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