Zerzura is an advanced and immersive role-play RPG Community in Second Life. We encourage all kinds of role-players, from line to para. New role-players are always welcome, but we suggest you do a little reading in preparation for your new life with us, prior to entering active role-play.

1. Read our rules.

2. Complete the application for citizenship (available at the Landing Point) – Demeter (Cali Roffo) will then award you a citizen tag.

3. Dress correctly for your role and gender. Everyone in Zerzura MUST wear appropriate dress. We don't recognize an OOC status, unless you're staff and working.

4. In RP, seek out the Tatrix and in character, discuss the role you want. 

Want to know who is who in Zerzura? Role-play your way in or check the senior character note-card, found at the landing point in the NC pack.

5. Players are welcome to wear their Gorean Meters and their use will be honoured but isn't compulsory.


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