What should I wear?

Is dictated by your character's profession and status. Our climate is equatorial, hot and dry. Your choice of clothing should reflect this. Clothing should be for:​

FREE MEN - Gorean style costume in-keeping to your character's role and status.

Weapons are acceptable.

The fashion for the middle to high castes is to edge towards the ornate and colourful. 


FREE WOMEN - Gorean style costume in-keeping to your character's role and status. 

The fashion here is to edge towards ornate & colourful.

The wearing of a veil, headscarf and robes of concealment, are not a matter of Law but a choice for the Free Woman. 

Note: Choosing to wear less and show skin, may reap consequences in role-play.

Hair can be worn as wished and commonsense is asked for.

Nudity is acceptable in the bathhouse but we recommend you wear mendi and jewels to make sure you appear as a free and stand distinct from slaves.

Outside the bathhouse and private homes, free women should be easily identifiable. NO bare legs, genitles or breasts. Arms, upper back, neck, decollete and face can be bare.

Mendi body art (washable tattoo) is for free women only. It's seen as a status to wear and in role-play is temporary and removable paint.


SLAVES (male and female) 

Slaves must wear a collar. 

City Dancers wear dance silks, no footwear.

City slaves should wear camisks or tunics. No footwear.

Slaves never wear mendi (body art and tattoos) Brands are acceptable.

Slaves dont wear jewelry...chains are acceptable.

NOTE: Character costume is expected and those not dressed correctly stand to be ejected.

FANTASY AVATARS - Should dress in accordance to their character​.

NOTE: if you're playing an explorer, wear clothing that is suitable for a long desert trip.


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