Nudity and open sexuality are permitted in all areas for men and women, free and slave.

We're an openly adult themed sim. You will encounter sex in all areas.

As a gorean Cafe and playground we're lax on laws that restrict FW, therefore allowing them to participate and enjoy fun with Free men and slaves. What is in Zerzura...stays in Zerzura!

Zerzura has no IC leaders. For any moderation, contact the sim owners or this websites Live Chat.

Avatars should be human or fantasy avatars in keeping with our sim theme.

Gorean HUDs aren't compulsory here but you are welcome to wear them., or not.

Do check our dress-code. Even if you're visiting you will be expected to dress Gorean or Nude. Not doing so, will get you ejected.

We also have the usual rules on not wearing poofers, emitters and talking body parts such as baby bellies.

And lastly, don't recruit in Zerzura. Not only is it bad manners but also it is not role-play! This does include stores.

©2018 by Zerzura.

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