Nudity and open sexuality are permitted in all areas. Do check our dress-code. If you're naked and with nothing to identify your role (tags and profiles won't count), then you may have to RP through being called a slave and having to justify your nudity.

Absolutely no age-play of any kind. We expect your character's age to be adult.

Avatars should be human or fantasy avatars in keeping with our sim theme 

Need to get into a locked area and don't have keys?  Role-play your way through locked doors!  Remember we do have on-going role-play and doors are locked for a reason....Lock picking will be handled in role-play. Be sure you want that!

Animal avatars permitted e.g. horses, dogs, cats and any animal suiting our theme. Anthros are acceptable. Furries, Nekos or Kawaii are not.

Keep out of character chatter to private messages or group chat but not in local chat.

Gorean HUDs aren't compulsory here but you are welcome to wear them.​​

We are a no raid sim at present.

Respect tenants' homes and enter by invitation only

Consequences: In-character, if you do a crime then expect the consequence, which maybe being captured, put to trial, injured or whatever? Guards are everywhere, player and NPC.

Be mindful where you go away from keyboard, as someone standing silently will make an area hard to role-play in. Go to the temple meditation area for these times or the landing point.

Do check our dress-code. Even if you're visiting you will be expected to dress in costume. Not doing so, will get you ejected.

We also have the usual rules on not wearing poofers, emitters and talking body parts such as baby bellies.

And lastly, dont recruit in Zerzura. Not only is it bad manners but also it is not role-play! This does include stores.

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