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Current vacancies in Zerzura

For our current vacancies, check the rental board at the landing point area or walk around sim and check out the available rental properties and pay the rent box.

Our housing is kept at a low price for our active citizens. If you aren't actively participating in the community and in role-play, you will lose your home.

There is usually a short waiting list for properties. Once you get your tags and role established. Drop Demeter (Cali Roffo) a note-card to see what maybe available. 

Price converter

Our furnished property rentals are between 100 and 250 Lindens a week.

250 Lindens = 0.822 USD  or 0.748 EUR

Note: currencies fluctuate.

Rental Agreement

* Please make sure that when you rez items, you do not rez them outside of your property line. Any items outside of property lines will be returned.

* Flags, online boards, pictures and signs on the exterior of your home or in the garden is discouraged. These change the overall visual image of the home.

* Any landscaping you add to your rental property must fit the sims' overall look and in general be in good taste, e.g., no glowing trees, etc. If you place out your own trees they must match the sim theme. Alpha plants are not permitted at all.  Only mesh or sculpted plants are permitted.  Any landscaping added by you will count against your prim allotment when renting at here. 

* Additional tenants to the same rental plot are welcomed and encouraged. However, you as the primary renter, in charge of your rental plot.  Management will not make any changes to rental properties without the consent of the primary renter. The primary renter is the one who rented from the Casperlet rental box, with any other tenants being considered subtenants.  As the primary renter, you are responsible for your subtenants actions, e.g., placing prims outside of property lines, etc.

* Script usage should be kept to an acceptable level on your property.  While we are not the type of community that goes after high resource usage to a high degree, if it is found that an item on your lot is causing sim lag you will be contacted and asked to remove the item.

* You may have up to two breedables out at any time. Motion may be kept on if the lag is low, if sim lag is on the rise management reserves the right to ask you to turn off the breedable's motion.

* If management sees a property that has been abandoned, we reserve the right to reset the rental box so that others may rent the property. Management does this when either you set 'Will Not Renew' on your rental box and all prims are removed by you, or when there is less than 48 hours remaining on your box and you or your sub tenants have removed all prims. 

* No skyboxes are allowed at any altitude 

* If homes are uninhabited for over 10 days, you're tenancy will be reviewed and you may be ejected. 


* Transfers from one rental property to another is allowed, however you must rent 1 week on the new parcel before rent will be transferred from the original parcel to the new one. Any remaining rent from the original parcel will then be transferred to your new property.  Please note your time will be adjusted either up or down, according to the rental rate difference.

* Rentals must be paid on time. We do allow a grace period of 2 days, however, when you pay your rent again any time in arrears will be deducted from what you paid.  If you know you will be late past the grace period, you must notify management to avoid being auto-evicted.

* Like most Roleplay communities we have a no refund policy. Refunds are only given in extreme circumstances and solely at the discretion of the sim owners.

* If you have been banned for breaking the covenant, refunds will not be given. Banning in Zerzura is never an action we take lightly.  Rest assured banning is for most offenses a last resort, except for the most serious offenses.

Our management team is more than happy to assist you! Realize while we try to have coverage online as much as possible, EMs are not required to be online 24/7, as we recognize RL must come first.  If you see management online but do not receive a prompt response, this means we are ether helping multiple people, there may be one or more residents ahead of you awaiting assistance, or we are away from the keys attending to real life.  If we are unable to assist you immediately, we will do our best to reply and let you know we have received your request for help and will assist you as soon as possible.  Rest assured your needs will be met as quickly as possible.  If you see an EM online but receive a busy response please try the next available EM or wait for the EM's reply when they become available

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