1. Zerzura is governed by the Pasha, also called Tatrix. The Grand Vizier and Regent will assume all responsibilities and privileges of the Tatrix in her absence. Her Council of Viziers offer council to the Tatrix and handle trade and domestic matter of the city and its people.

2.  The Tatrix heads the Council and in her absence, the Grand Vizier or Regent will take her place with all her rights.

3.  The Laws of Zerzura are enforced by the Warriors, in some circumstances, under the guidance and instructions of the Tatrix, Regent and Grand Vizier. who will issue arrest warrants.​​ Any matters needing judgement will be brought before the Tatrix or her appointed Magistrate.

4. Visiting Ambassadors and any Free Person(s) accompanying them are to be given free passage providing they adhere to the Laws of Zerzura.



1. Ambassadors may be from any High born and are appointed by the Council through recommendation. Ambassadors answer directly to the Pasha (Tatrix).

2.  Diplomatic alliance negotiations will be the responsibility of the appointed Ambassador(s) and sealed by the Council.

3.  Notification of diplomatic, trade, safe passage and alliances will be provided to Magistrates and Warriors to ensure representatives of the Trade City are treated appropriately.

4. Military alliance negotiations are the responsibility of the General or any of his designees. Notification of Military Alliances will be provided to Magistrate and Warriors to ensure representatives Allied City are treated appropriately.

5.  Declarations of war only become valid when a Vizier or his designee approach the Tatrix with evidence of aggression or impending assault to Zerzura. 

6. Safe Passage Agreements of any kind, will be for 31 days (1 RL month) and visiting city's citizens will follow current cities, laws. The agreement will be reviewed within 31 days. Visitors must have some visible marker, or document sealed by a scribe, that they are from an Allied City.

7. Deals between Merchants or Merchant Houses are a private matter and not subject to any rulings as long as they adhere to Merchant Law.



1. The Justice system of Zerzura is made up of the Tatrix, Regent, Grand Vizier and Magistrates. To qualify for appointment the Magistrate, must be of the qualified and experienced Scribe, resident in Zerzura and sworn in service and loyalty to the Land of Zerzura.

2.  Only the Tatrix can overturn any Civil Magistrate's ruling through appeal.

3. Treason & Capital crimes maybe decided on by the Tatrix alone. Should she wish, the matter will be judged on by a Magistrate.

4.  Once a topic or case is ruled upon it can not be brought up a second time.

Investigations and Evidence:

Investigations are conducted either by the Warriors or Advocates under the authority of the Tatrix.

Results of said investigations are to be shared among those authorities as needed.

They will present the evidence to the Magistrates or Tatrix who will make the judgement, this could be in the form of a meeting or a trial, depending on the severity of the crime, unless under the direct instructions of a member of the Council.




- Treason - defined as: failing to act in the best interest of the Tatrix...her Family and Zerzura. 
- Attempted assassination of a Member of the First Family or High Council
- Desecration of the Temple
- Murder of any Citizen of Zerzura.
- Pollution or destruction of any and all water sources in the Zerzura


- Forgery or unauthorized use of the city seal
- Identity theft of a Royal
- Spying for an enemy state
- Sedition - Incitement or discontent or rebellion against the Tatrix
- Theft of a slave

Note: Slaves, private and Harem are classed as property and subject to theft laws (Collars are a sign of ownership, if they are accessed and a slave is controlled by any other than the Tatrix or the City Slaver or the slaves owner, it will be seen as theft)


- Physical assault against a free person.
- Force collaring of any citizen of Zerzura
- Rape of a Free Person
- Lodging a false allegation
- Theft of property (not slaves)
- Damage to property (includes a fine)
- Breaking court etiquette


- Debtor? Assets will be seized as well
- Prostitution
- A Free person (male or female) exhibiting slave like behavior in public.

5. Fine

-Damaging property of another.

-Damaging public property.

Repeat offenders of lower level violations may have higher-level penalties imposed.


The Tatrix's word is Law. She will decide all civil and criminal disputes and in all cases.

The Tatrix cannot be tried by her own Laws and is above the Law.

The Tatrix can grant a Pardon.

All crimes will be presented to the Tatrix or her Magistrate for trial and the perpetrator will be jailed by the Regiment until their trial (unless granted a pass by the Tatrix).

Any Citizen or Resident may request to the Regiment to make an arrest on their behalf.

Any Citizen or Resident may request an investigation of suspected illegal activity by lodging a Citizen's inquiry with the Grand Vizier or Regent.

The lodging of false allegations against a Citizen in good standing is an offense and punishable by law. The lodging of false allegations against a Royal or Vizier is a more serious offense and punishable by law.

When lodging an allegation or making a complaint, evidence will be required.

Those who have the authority to conduct an official investigation are:

Grand Vizier
Officer of the warriors
Member of Council
Physician as necessary


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