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NEW Breeding House!

5th March 2020

Zerzura's slaves (or those disguised as slaves) can participate in the cities breeding program. It's easy to join, contact Marinella Alex or Andreas Karas to be registered. Wear your Mama Allpa HUD and be kept pregnant and nursing...yes nursing! Any free man is welcome to come and participate. 

The Breeding House is located by the rear city gate.

New Brothel!

1st March 2020

Raythorn Igaly has opened the doors of his new establishment in Zerzura and invites patrons to enjoy his kajira and kajirus for a very modest fee! Free drinks provided with each slave hired. 

Ray commented that he has personally tried every slave and can recommend their skills. Go Ray!


Tension grows!

29th Feb 2020

The learned Initiate Runyun today visited the old Temple in the lagoon ruins to meet with the headstrong women who have been celebrating in some unorthodox ways! 

Old religions oppose...who will win? Dirty tricks abound..come join in the fun


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