We are BTB Gorean but for the following:

Temple Role-play: Zerzurians follow the Eleusinian Mysteries. In BTB, the Goreans welcomed Gods arriving from other worlds. The Northern Lands welcomed Odin as their God and embraced the Viking religion, while much of the rest of Gor (but nor everyone) followed the Priest Kings. Alien insects, not from Gor, but visitors who created the Gorean society and repressed technology for the masses.

And so Zerzura has embraced another traveler from Earth...another God..who brings their own culture and doctrine.

What could be more in keeping with the Gorean way?

Our second small departure and this is disputable, is our view on clothing for Free Women. We place it in the hands of the individual. The wearing of a veil, headscarf and robes of concealment, are not a matter of Law but a choice for the Free Woman. We do point out that choosing to wear less and show skin, may reap consequences in role-play. 

Our third difference is on nudity. Our bathhouse is used by both men and women and is perfectly acceptable as is swimming in our waters. But again if you make no attempt to make your appearance (even at these times) apparent that you are a free person, then you will reap consequences in character.

Lastly, we have no 'couching law'. Free women can own slaves and be served as they wish in their homes and in public areas of Zerzura but be warned, slave-like behavior will find you challenged and possibly arrested. A dilemma all free woman have to navigate!


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