NEW Role-Play Vacancies

in Zerzura

All vacancies are in-character roles and have no reward other than having fun!



Our current in-character vacancy list. Updated regularly. Apply now either in Second Life by contacting Demeter or using LiveChat.

We currently seek:

A dynamic and involved Slaver to manage the cities male and female slaves. 

A larger personalitied Brothel Keeper to manage the new Brothel's business.

Black Caste both experienced and those wishing to learn.

Priest Initiate to conduct ceremonies and lead festivals.

Kurri who are doing what Kurri do best!

An experienced Physician to support the existing doctors.

A community spirited Tavern Keeper to build the Tavern's trade.

Baker/Inn keeper an area for FW and mixed company. A more genteel establishment.

Ward of the Tatrix (male and 20 years old)

The roles below are generic and usual roles for a Gorean Oasis. Listed to help you choose.

- SLAVERS: to oversee the training and duties of the City Slaves and host slave auctions.

- PRIESTS - serving the Priest Kings and administering to the welfare, both physical and spiritual, of its citizens. Leading festivals.

- SCRIBES: INC: Magistrates, Cartographers, Clerks, Criers, Historians, Scholars, Writers.

- BUILDER: architects, engineers, draftsmen, stonemasons, inventors and technicians. They concern themselves with the building of cities and the creation of the physical and the engineering marvels of Zerzura.

- ANATHNATOI REGIMENT - AKA the Immortals! Young nobles, dedicated to the Tatrix. Elite soldiers & horsemen. Includes Varangian Guard - the Tatrix's own personal guards.​

We seek Officers and Guards.

- PHYSICIAN - Practitioners of the healing arts. Surgeons, apothecaries, medical researchers, midwives and health practitioners, are all member of this Caste. Universally recognized as non-combatants during time of war. 

- CURATOR AQUARUM NEW POST! to maintain the purity of water and safeguard it.

- AMBASSADORS Male & Female

- MERCHANTS of all types


- SLAVES BOTH MALE AND FEMALE to become City Slaves and Harem.



If you'd like to apply, contact Demeter (Cali Roffo)

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