Do join in!

The following is the bones of our current sim-wide role-play. Enter the Tavern, bathhouse or marketplace and you'll hear are the facts!

Some weeks ago, Demeter, Tatrix of Zerzura decided her Daughter needed to have her first companion. The Ubar of Turia, a long time friend of Demeter's, travelled to the Oasis, to see if a match could be made?

The Ubar, Phanius was impressed by the young Seraphyk and offered her companionship. To win her, he gave her handfuls of rubies and her Mother, he gave an highly prized salt mine! Both gifts generous and maybe not in the interests of his family in Turia? Phanius was known to have many wives. Some said he had over ten and more than two dozen children.

Last week, just after the companionship was announced, the Ubar was found dead in his bed in the Palace at Zerzura. He was found by a slave who'd arrived to serve him. He was quickly attended by the Tatrix, Physician Yoshi and Commander Daedalus and his death was confirmed.

A runner was sent to Turia to inform his family and Regent Serus was woke and informed. 

A few days ago, the Ubar's funeral was held in Zerzura. It was attended by Regent Serus who announced he was the Ubar's second eldest Son...a surprise to all but the Tatrix!

And so...who killed the Ubar? The medicus states he died of poison!

The main elements and suspects:

1. Seraphyk didn't want to be married and tried to obtain poison..why and who from?

2. Who benefits by the Ubar's death? His Son Severus is sickly and will be the next Ubar. His Brother and Regent of Zerzura, Serus will be Crown Prince and one day Ubar as his Brother passes.

3. Did the Ubar's family want their Father giving such valuable assets to Zerzura?

4. Medicus Yoshi is known to put coin over ethics. Is she telling the truth over the poison? The Ubar was prone to eating and drinking too much and bedding many slaves.

5. Some of the Vizier's of Zerzura, had spoken often of wanting Seraphyk to marry one of them. Did they remove the competition?

Do join in...spread rumours, ask questions and blackmail! Have fun!


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