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The Social Order of Zerzura will help you choose where you wish your character to fit in, in our community. Will you be High Caste and educated or will you be low caste and poor? Even possibly a slave or thief? The choice is yours.


Tatrix Demeter (Cali Roffo) - Sovereign of Zerzura, Thesmophoros of the Faith - Holder of the Sacred Law.


  • Seraphyk daughter of Demeter.


  • GRAND VIZIER - First Minister of the Land and advisor to the Tatrix.  (Adam Raven (Midnightdarkness)).

  • REGENT - appointed to administer Zerzura when the Tatrix is absent. (Serus (Adreas Karas))

  • CASTE REPRESENTATIVES - two caste representatives normally the Head of Caste and Assistant Head of Caste. Each of the High Castes has only one vote but 2 permanent seats at the High Council Table.

  • MAGISTRATES: Magistrates take part in the council meetings. Magistrates also suggest changes to legislation to the council. A Magistrate has however no voting rights in the High Council, unless they are also a representative of their Caste.

  • VIZIERS - (MALE & FEMALE) Ministers, overseeing the daily activities of the Palace and the Land of Zerzura. They maybe of any caste and have no vote.


  • TEMPLE: PRIESTS/PRIESTESSES - serving the Patron Gods of Zerzura and the welfare both physical and spiritual of its citizens. Leading festivals.

  • ANATHNATOI REGIMENT - AKA the Immortals! Young nobles, dedicated to the Goddess. Elite soldiers & horsemen. Includes Varangian Guard - the Tatrix's own personal guards.​

  • SCRIBE - detailed below:

  1. Magistrates: lawyers and prosecutors of Zerzura.

  2. Cartographers: the map makers.

  3. Clerks: responsible for correspondence, records, and accounts and perform general office work.

  4. Criers: responsible for making the public announcements within a city.

  5. Geographers: specialists in the geography of the planet.

  6. Historians: detailing the true history of Zerzura.

  7. Scholars: those of the Caste with extensive learning, likely to be teachers.

  8. Writers: authors of history teachings.

  • BUILDER - architects, engineers, draftsmen, stonemasons, inventors and technicians. They concern themselves with the building of cities and the creation of the physical and the engineering marvels of Zerzura.

  • PHYSICIAN - Practitioners of the healing arts. Surgeons, apothecaries, medical researchers, midwives and health practitioners, are all member of this Caste. Universally recognized as non-combatants during time of war. 

  • MERCHANTS - the largest and richest of the Castes! Literally has dozens of sub-castes. Merchants sell and trade of merchandise for a profit. For as many products as there are that are to be sold there are about that many sub castes.

  1. SLAVERS: This caste deals with the buying and selling of human merchandise. It is a sub caste of the Merchants.

  2. CASTE OF MONEYLENDERS: This caste is composed of the bankers of Gor. The members of this caste are those who trade and speculate with money for profit. The only product they handle is money.

  3. CASTE OF BAKERS: This caste consists of hundreds of sub castes. Generally they are members who prepare vegetarian food or sa-tarna in its many forms.

  4. CASTE OF BUTCHERS: This caste and its many sub-castes concern themselves with the acquisition and preparation of sa-tassna, all forms of edible meat.

  5. CASTE OF WINEMAKERS: The professional production of most fruit based alcohol is under the auspices of this caste.

  6. CASTE OF BREWERS ~ takes care of the production of the grain based alcohols.

  7. CASTE OF SAILORS: ~ There are several dozen sub-castes in this group. Each sub caste has its own specialty. An example would be the BARGEMEN who steer river barges on the freshwater waterways.

  8. CASTE OF FISHERMEN: This caste is a sub caste of the caste of Sailors. They harvest the differing varieties of fish and sea life for human consumption. Some sub castes include the CASTES OF RIVER FISHERMEN and NET MAKERS.

  9. CASTE OF ARTISANS: This caste is extremely broad. It includes many hundreds of sub castes. Any production of hand-made goods for any use, is considered to be a work of art.

  10. CASTE OF POT MAKERS: This caste is a sub caste of the Caste of Artisans. They produce vessels used to contain substances of all kinds.


  12. CASTE OF METAL WORKERS: ~ A sub caste of Artisans they are concerned with the production of most metal items. Some of the sub castes under this one would include: SWORD-MAKERS, ARMORERS, and those that work with black-smithing or farrier work 

  13. CASTE OF CLOTH WORKERS: Another large and expansive caste, this group contains many sub castes. They are concerned with the professional production of woven cloth.

  14. CASTE FOR RUG MAKERS: This group is a sub caste of the Caste of Cloth Workers. They produce woven rugs for general use. Members of this caste see themselves as independent from the Caste of Cloth Workers.

  15. CASTE OF WEAVERS: Concerned with the professional production of textiles for the textile industry, this caste is a sub caste of the Rug Makers Caste.

  16. CASTE OF CARDERS: Sub caste of the caste of Weavers. They produce woven cloth for the textile industry.

  17. CASTE OF DYERS: This sub caste of Weavers deals with the staining and coloring of cloth for the textile industry.

  18. CASTE OF CLOTHIERS: Another sub caste of the Caste of Weavers, they produce articles of clothing.

  19. CASTE OF DRESS MAKERS: Sub caste of Weavers which makes  clothing.

  20. CASTE OF ROPE-MAKERS: ~ Sub caste of Artisans that produces rope, binding fiber, thread and cordage of all types.

  21. CASTE OF LEATHER-WORKERS: Sub caste of the Artisan Caste, deals with the fabrication of various leather goods from animal hides of all kinds.

  22. CASTE OF TORTURERS: consider the application of Torture as an art form.


Each Caste will have a Head and Assistant Head of Caste, which can be male or female.


Harem Slaves (slaves of the Tatrix)
City Slaves & Dancers
Private Slaves

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