Firstly the Books...

Taharian societies differ from other communities in Gor.

Firstly there are no castes and so there are no heads of castes.  In the books (The Tribesmen of Gor), there is no Council, Administrator or Ubars, civil register or slave papers.

Instead the Taharian people are headed by a strong autocratic leader often a Pasha or Sultan/a.  The Pasha is the descendent of the strongest within the group. Who settled in an oasis and founded a tribe, retaining his rank and passing it down his line.  

The Pasha's role combines council, Ubar, Head of Cates, Magistrate all in one person. His ruling is absolute. 

The Pasha is supported by a Captain who runs his Militia and he may also have a Magistrate to handle civil matters

Pasha's (Sultan/a) where described as very strong and honorable leaders. They cared for their people like the patriarch of the tribe.

Travellers and settlers from other cities would have a caste and this will be respected. But would not give any special rights or status other than defining their profession.

Secondly, Zerzura...

We have no caste system, we do however respect and recognize those with caste professions who come and live and trade with us.

Our leader is female...a strong leader who took control of the oasis from the Pasha on his death as his next in line. No Male heir alive to challenge her. There is no female equivalent of Pasha and so she uses the titles Tatrix and Sultana as well as Pasha.

To maintain her power, she convened the senior men of the Oasis and formed a council of Viziers. A political move to give balance to a female-led City. However council doesn't have the powers of a High Council. The Tatrix makes the ultimate rulings.


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