Temple of Mos Maiorum

The Cult of Demeter

Mos Maiorum, "the way of the ancestors"  Sacred home of the Eleusinian Mysteries (Greater & Lesser). The rites in the Cult of Demeter, ceremonies, and beliefs of rebirth and extended life are kept secret and preserved from antiquity.

Priest Kings have no sway in Zerzura. They are seen as oppressive. Demeter founded this cult not long after her arrival in the Land and it became quickly established. Zerzurian's embrace the new Gods with unrivaled enthusiasm!


Do you want to join the Temple?

Recruiting Priests & Priestess' to lead the community in following the Eleusinian Mysteries. Learn rites practiced in Ancient Greece.

The Temple invites new applicants to join us in preparation for becoming Priests and Priestess'

Slaves and Free are welcome to participate in Temple at all levels

Contact Demeter (Cali Roffo) for more information.

Temple roles and descriptions

MYSTAI- Men, women and even slaves are allowed initiation to the training of the Temple.

PRIEST/PRIESTESS - authorized to perform the sacred rituals of a religion, especially as a mediatory agent between humans and our deities. They also have the authority or power to administer religious rites; in particular, rites of sacrifice to, and propitiation of, a deity or deities.

SANCTI HARUSPEX   - (Male & Female role) trained to practice divination and the inspection of the entrails  and other methods.

THESMOPHOROS - Goddess Demeter the Law Giver. Sacred holder of the Eleusinian Mysteries. Leader of the Faith.

Ceremonies at the Temple

Use the 'Contact Us' button for more information or to book a ceremony.


The  initiation pathway to learn the Eleusinian Mysteries. 


The Oracle of Death - this ritual gives seekers the opportunity to  talk to those now passed on. 

A Zerzurian marriage  ceremony only for free persons over the age of 16. A citizen can have as many partners as he can support. Contract for 1 year and 1 Day.

A Zerzurian marriage  ceremony only for free persons over the age of 16. A citizn can have as many partners as she can support. Contract for 1 year and 1 Day.

Dedicating a child to the Gods and taking the Patriarch/Matriarch family name.

New Year Ceremony (at the wane of the 31st October)  reading the Portents for the next year.

Opening ritual for virgins (Male & Female)

Celebrating life in all its forms. It's held late Summer and heralds the harvests. Those wishing a blessing of extended life can be blessed.

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