Anathnatoi Regiment of Zerzura

The Immortals!

Law & Order in Zerzura

The Athanatoi also known as the Immortals, due their ability to survive even the bloodiest of battles.  

An elite & formidable fighting force, skilled in hand to hand combat, strategy and weapons. 

These men are sworn in loyalty to the Tatrix of Zerzura, Demeter. Bold and headstrong men, their parties almost as legendary as their battles. The Athanatoi are the protectors of the Land and it's people.

The feared Varangian Guard are a separate regiment to the Athanatoi. They are sworn to protect the Tatrix herself and act as her body Guards and her police.

Want to join the Immortals or the Varangian? Contact us for an application or find us in Second Life. 


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